Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive account details instead of a cdkey?

You received account details instead of a key because that's what you purchased initially,

please re-read the product title and description for more details on what you purchased. If you do not want the account, Contact customer service team,can resolve the issue.

How does that work?

Simply you type your e-mail, kinguin/g2a/k4g order id and redeem code that you received. And on e-mail you provided us we sent you new account and e-mail data.

How do I know you won't take back the account?

kinguin/g2a/k4g does not respect allegations of fraud among its merchants and is therefore very sensitive about it.

The data to the received account and to the e-mail can be changed immediately after receiving them, but if you are still afraid, kinguin/g2a/k4g has a money back guarantee so you can be sure you're safe.

Can I return the account after I used it?

You cannot return the account after you logged into it as this poses a security risk for us.

Can I change the account details and login?

You can change all the details associated with the account after receiving it. The account belongs completely and only to you after purchase.

How long is the delivery time?

Up to 24h, but in most cases (if you ordered between 9am-22pm) There may be a delay of several hours due to time differences,we deliver the product within 2 hours max.

How to contact us at kinguin

1. Log in and go to the Inventory page 2. Click on the game you would like to report to open a card 3. Fill all required boxes and send your report to the merchant ,as the picture shows: